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What Our Customers Say About Vitex

A. P.

Burnaby BC | 2013-09-22

"I have been having this persistent pain in my right wrist for a few months. Because I am right-handed, there was no way that I could give it time to ...

Pamela Jane Jay

Vancouver, BC | 2014-06-12

"It is not often that I am moved to write glowing letters of praise. Within six months of commencing 6 capsules of NAG daily, I decreased my intake of...

Inga Shelton

Vancouver, BC | 2011-08-11

"I have to tell you how grateful I am that you exist! You see, by the predictions of the experts, I am not supposed to be able to do what I am present...

John F. Coombs

Lanark, ON | 2016-11-15

"The most dramatic help I have seen is with a 42-year old lady with severe and unstable asthma, with multiple food andinhalant sensitivities. Since st...

Richard R. Tacon

Louisville, KY | 2013-02-09

"I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for 2 years. After 5 weeks of faithful use of NAG, there was a definite improvement . . ."


Kamloops, BC | 2014-01-01

"I have been taking C-NAG for my Crohn's disease about 6 weeks. I noticed a remarkable difference after only 1 week. I have not had any Crohns pain fo...

Linda G.

New Westminster BC | 2013-10-20

"I have been on chemotherapy for breast cancer for the last five months. I finished my last chemo treatment three weeks ago. While I was on chemothera...

Gordon E. Dower

Vancouver, BC | 2014-02-13

"Following a personal trial of N-A-G, I should like to give this unsolicited testimonial in support..."

Carla Caputo

Vancouver, BC | 2016-01-06

"By mid October, Carla had lost 35 pounds of her normal 120 pound frame, had trouble eating for almost every kind of food made her sick. .."


India | 1993-10-09

"By June, there was complete healing. Even the doctors were amazed." A Living Testimonial - Presented to Barrie Carlsen by Vivien Foo, October 9th, 19...

Roy B.

Williams Lake, BC | 2015-12-01

"My name is Roy and I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis over 13 years ago. I have been in emergency rooms many more times than I can remember for my c...

George E.

Auckland, New Zealand | 2014-02-10

"Since my last shipment of C-NAG and Serrapeptase and the Health Pak are in a REGULAR mail shipment to me, they are taking much longer than I expected...