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About Vitex

When Only The Best Is Good Enough

The natural health supplement industry began over 90 years ago when food scientists and nutritionists began to realize that the quality of the food from our farms began to deteriorate. There are a number of factors responsible for this nutritional decline, but mainly the “modern” farming methods, which concentrated on yield per acre, and profit per acre produced such concepts as mono cropping where only one type of crop was produced, and with the use of fertilizers to force the growth of the crops, it became possible to eliminate the necessity of leaving half the land to “rest” for a year between crops. These “modern” farming practices produced very high yields per acre and therefore high profit for the farmers, food processors and others in the food chain. At the same time the processed food industry began to explode on to the marketplace and highly processed and refined “junk foods” with little nutritional value began to replace more traditional foods. Unfortunately, the nutritional quality of these foods declined year after year, and with the declining quality of the food, nutritional deficiency diseases began to increase in the population.


With deficiency diseases on the rise, scientists began to look very seriously at ways to counteract this growing epidemic. It was not politically possible to force constructive change on the huge and powerful agriculture industry, but it was possible to recommend “organic” foods to the small percentage of the population who were aware of the advantage and were willing to pay a premium price for these more nutritional foods.

As food science began to evolve and scientists began to discover more about the importance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in human health, it soon became obvious that if one could “supplement” the diet with the vitamins and minerals that were lacking in the food, one could improve or restore their health or maintain their health throughout their lifetime. Scientists began to explore for ways to produce vitamins and minerals in commercial quantities and to determine the ideal level of nutritional supplements that would provide adequate amounts of these essential nutrients in order to maintain good health throughout one’s lifetime. One such study was the SONA study performed by senior researchers Dr. Chersaskin and Dr. Ringsdorf of the University of Alabama Medical School.

With the growing popularity of providing nutritional “supplements” to the market place, a new industry developed and many “self styled” nutritional experts began to appear and to offer their unique formulas promising miracle benefits to a gullible public. This resulted in thousands of products in the marketplace, with very little science to support them. In fact these questionable products often overshadowed valuable products which were based on real science. The vast majority of these products provide very little long term-benefit and the public is often left very confused as to which products might provide real and lasting benefit.

Vitex Nutrition sets a new standard in nutritional supplements.

Under the direction of Barrie Carlsen, an industry pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, Vitex Nutrition Ltd. was formed to provide the public with Nutritional supplements based on published science, and long term experience. The goal is to provide nutritional products that will perform as expected, and to offer long-term benefit. Each Vitex product represents more than 35 years of practical experience in producing “state-of-the-art” products. From the latest research on the role of nutritional supplement in fighting deficiency diseases, to improving physical performance, to extending life expectancy, and to maintain optimal health throughout one’s lifetime; Vitex products provide the very best of science and technology to produce the world’s finest nutritional supplements. Vitex never will offer products not backed by science. We separate “the wheat from the chaff” for you. When you buy and use a Vitex product you will know that the product will work if used as directed.


Vitex formulas are based on research published in peer reviewed scientific journals and with input from nutritional professionals. All Vitex formulas have Health Canada Natural Products Numbers (NPN), and are available through health professionals and through selected retail stores and independent pharmacies throughout Canada. Vitex products are also available in Vietnam, China, Hong Kong through many leading pharmacies. Other foreign distributors will be providing Vitex formulas in the near future.

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