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Customer Testimonials

Products: C-NAG™, Serrapeptase, Health Pak, Vision Boost

Product: Vision Boost

"During a routine eye exam about a year ago my doctor mentioned I had drusen and that they could be a forerunner of macular degeneration. I felt instant panic...he also mentioned that there is some thought that lutein may stop the progression."

"I looked up both the druesen and lutein when I came home. It was more calming to know I may never progress and that my macula is healthy but I wanted to do something! I tried a number of formulas with lutein and they all upset my stomach. Most had added vitamins that I did not feel I needed as well."

"I searched the web and found Vision Boost and have been taking it twice a day ever since. No stomach upset! No progression this year...I will never know the role lutein is playing in prevention but I feel good to be doing something active."

"I also saw a recent article that found that anti oxidents did not seem to play a role in stopping the progression so it puzzles me that so many formulas still include them anyway..all of the studies are done with folks who already have macular degeneration but I feel like there is no harm taking action now and hoping it never becomes macular degeneration."

California, USA
October 2015

Product: C-NAG™


My name is Roy and I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis over 13 years ago. I have been in emergency rooms many more times than I can remember for my condition over the years. My longest stay in the hospital was 7 days. My outbreaks on average were about 3 times a year. I was treated with very strong antibiotics for 10 - 14 days on most occassions. Although I did find that the antibiotics worked, it would often take weeks and sometimes months for my stomach, bowels and digestion to feel somewhat normal again.

In July 2014 I went for another routine colonoscopy. At that time the surgeon did an initial examination in his office prior to surgery. When he pushed on my left side, I almost came off the exam table. He informed me that my condition was extreme and that based on how inflamed and tender my side was indicated to him that I would require surgery to resection my bowel.

We proceeded to do a colonoscopy the following week and afterwards his suggestion was to have 8 inches of my sigmoid colon removed. He had to remove a polyp as well and sent it away to test for cancer which thankfully came back negative.

He told me that my condition was now very bad and that his concern was that my bowel would rupture and I would require emergency surgery. He also told me that there was no other option for me and that there were no natural remedies for my condition.

After speaking with a friend who is retired surgeon and getting my doctors opinion as well as doing more research, we decided against surgery.  Concerned about the consequences of this surgery, I decided to decline the surgery and search for a natural solution.

The initial surgeon recommended another colonoscopy in 12 months and informed me that if I ended up in the hospital again, the only option would be emergency surgery.

Over the next year I tried everything from pro-biotics to high fiber diets. I tried removing meat and gluten, took numerous natural supplements and tried to remove sugar and soda from my diet as well as trying to eat more natural unprocessed foods.

All this was to no avail and although I had a small improvement, it was clear to my family, doctors and surgeon that my condition was very serious and not improving. I also ended up in the hospital 3 times over this year and was released the same day with antibiotics.

Thinking that surgery was the only option available to me, we decided to have the follow up colonoscopy with a specialist from Vancouver BC. It took us months to get a referral and appt with this surgeon. The appt was scheduled for Oct 2015.

In June 2015, my wife found information about C-Nag and we decided to order your product. The order arrived quickly and in Mid June 2015 I began taking 1 capsule twice a day. The first month was rough for me, as I didn't notice any improvement and often felt hopeless, beginning to accept the fact that I would require surgery.

After 1 month, I began to notice changes. Less inflammation in my body, less stomach aches, more appetite, less bathroom visits during the night, far less tenderness in my side and more energy. Within 2 months I began to have what I now know to be normal bowel movements. By 3 months I was getting anxious to see the new surgeon as I felt that for the first time in years, I was beginning to heal.

I went for my appt with a top specialist in Vancouver in Oct 2015. After a lengthy discussion about my condition, he decided to keep me awake during the colonoscopy. Although there was still some evidence of my condition, the surgeon said that it appeared that my body was beginning to heal and that in his opinion he would not recommend surgery. He told me that I should continue doing whatever it was that I was doing to heal myself and has recommended a follow up colonoscopy in 5 years.

It has now been 6 months of taking 1 C-Nag twice per day, without fail. I have not had a single outbreak of Diverticulitis in this time, and my bowel movements are normal. I have no more pain in my side and for the first time in over 13 years, I feel that I have my life back.

I can not begin to thank you enough for this life changing product. Without C-Nag, I am confident that I would have already had surgery. Your product changed my life for the better and my family and I will always be thankful to you.

I would highly recommend your product to anyone suffering as I did with Diverticulitis. It has changed my life for the better.

Roy B.
Williams Lake, BC
December 2015

"I had suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for many years with not being able to find any products that would help calm it down. After taking 4 capsules of C-Nag a day for about 3-4 weeks, I noticed my intestines weren’t flared up as much as they were before.

It has now been 3 months and I haven’t had an IBS attack for several months! Thank you, Barrie and Vitex Nutrition, for your amazing product and allowing me to live a normal life and not have to constantly worry where a bathroom is."

Calgary, AB
September 2014

Since my last shipment of C-NAG and Serrapeptase and the Health Pak are in a REGULAR mail shipment to me, they are taking much longer than I expected and I have been going without  what I normally take to maintain my health and to keep my body pain free.

I have noticed a big change in the way I feel since I have had to go without my normal intake of the Health Pak, C-NAG, and Serrapeptase.

To explain what I have been able to live like with the Source Optimum, Omega 3-6-9, C-NAG and Serrapeptase; I have been taking all these products for more than six months now I have felt great. No pain from the normal hip, elbows, knees and shoulders as I had before I begin to take C-NAG and Serrapeptase.  I noticed the difference in about two weeks of taking the required daily intake of six capsules a day. It was great just go along daily pain free, and I truly had forgot what it  was like to have these nagging ongoing feelings in my life, especially in bed in the middle of the night. I have a good mattress and bed and it became that they were good because when the pain started to go away, I was using the same mattress and had been able to sleep and wakeup pain free every day.

Some amazing things have happened to me in the past two months; first I have had a root canal brought on by an abscess, first in the tooth and then spread into the gum. This caused me to see a dentist, of course she (a dental surgeon) suggested the best way and the cheapest was to have a root canal done. Being in pain, I agreed to pay the $1000 and within minutes the job was done. The amazing part was, in 24 hours my pain was gone, not sympathy pains from the needle or the associated pain in the jaw; wow! I could not believe this but when I went for the follow up treatment I told the dentist; she was amazed at the rapid recovery I had experienced. She asked me to repeat what I said just to see if she had heard correctly.

That is one thing that happened, the other was: I was the victim of a 95 year old driver who drove right in front me ignoring the red arrow which was designed to prevent an accident like this in an intersection.... I did not have a chance to stop at all as I was in the intersection when the other driver decided to make this foolish move. Result was a total wreck of my car and serious injuries to my passenger, the other driver sustained a broken arm.

My injuries were mostly as a result of the impact and the fact the airbag deployed, I suffered a lacerated and badly bruised arm to the inside of the right arm, my shoulder was hurt, and my right hip was  painful because my leg was locked full on the brake at the time of impact. The arm was painful and I had a very large bruise and some cuts.   Here is the amazing part: in two days my hip and shoulder had no pain, in six days the arm was healed except for a faint sign of the original bruise.

I ran out of Omega 3-6-9 and C-NAG about 2 weeks ago, about 8 days some of the old pains in my joints began to return. In the night for the past 4 nights I wake up with pain and must change position which only allows me to sleep until I experience pain in that position, also some of the pain I woke up with before C-NAG has began to appear again in the daytime too.

You will no doubt notice this order is a bit larger than normal, and I have asked it be sent the fastest economical way which you said will be 5-7 days. I never want to be without my supply of the Health Pak, Serrapeptase and C-NAG.

I also thought that some of your customers would benefit from my experience, so you can use this email in any way you see fit."


George E,
Auckland, New Zealand
February 2014

Product: C-NAG™

"I have been taking C-NAG for my Crohn's disease about 6 weeks. I noticed a remarkable difference after only 1 week. I have not had any Crohns pain for more than 30 days. I have a slight bowel problem only if I over do it with my diet. I have a lot of confidence in C-NAG."

Kamloops, BC
January 2014

"I have been an intensive athlete since childhood and am now in my early 50's. I have been suffering with arthritis for the past decade and have tried many different supplements to support my joints especially my knees, hips, shoulders and wrists. More so in recent years, I've dealt with daily joint pain. On some level, it was just something that I had accepted. Of course when the weather is damp and cold my symptoms and pain would be more pronounced.

5 months ago I met Barrie Carlsen and began taking C-NAG. Within a week of starting C-NAG, I realized that my knee pain had disappeared. Amazing, since I had been experiencing daily knee pain for two years or more! I have introduced my family to C-NAG.

I am grateful that Barrie has created such a product. The body's ability to produce NAG is severely impaired as we age and especially so if one has an auto-immune disease. Without joint pain, I feel a greater sense of freedom to live life more fully."

Briege F.
Richmond, BC
December 2013

"I am happy to say that after taking C-NAG, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) had been helped and cleared up - I no longer have diarrhea." Read her letter here."

Anne H.
October 2013

"I have been on chemotherapy for breast cancer for the last five months.
I finished my last chemo treatment three weeks ago. While I was on chemotherapy I barely got any sleep at night due to the aching muscles in my back that kept me awake for most of the night. I was exhausted every morning. I was up and down out of bed all night...I was so uncomfortable. I even tried taking natural sleeping pills recommended to me but they didn’t work due to the strong chemotherapy I was on. My muscles just ached all night. My husband was getting relief using C-Nag for his osteoarthritis so three quarters of the way through my chemotherapy (when I found out about C-Nag) I decided to give it a try. I am happy to tell you it made a huge difference. My aching muscles didn’t ache anymore and I was able to get to sleep. I still got up in the night to use the bathroom a couple of times but was able to go right back to sleep again. C-Nag also helped to relieve my aching muscles and stiff joints during the day.
Even though I have finished my chemotherapy, I still take C-Nag and my muscles and joints feel better. I take three pills in the evening and three pills in the morning and it makes a difference to the way I feel."

Linda G.
New Westminster BC
October 2013

"I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip about when I turned sixty. I remember celebrating my sixtieth birthday on an Alaskan cruise and I could not walk more than twenty feet without sitting down.
Shortly after that I started taking turmeric and this did help and I have been taking it for five years. However I was not pain free while on turmeric. There was always some discomfort. I could not really take a full stride without feeling a sting and protracted walking spells could inflame the hip too. So I would have to favor the hip with a limp sometimes.
I recently had an opportunity to try C-NAG. I took three capsules the first evening as directed. The next morning I knew something was different. I got out of bed and my left hip joint felt looser. Couldn’t believe it! There was no discomfort. I could take a full stride without the limp. It was quite amazing. I continue to take C-NAG in the morning and at night. My hip is doing great and I can walk without discomfort."

Malcolm G.
New Westminster BC
October 2013

"I am an avid cyclist, but that changed a few years ago because I began experiencing pain in my legs. I exhaustively searched for relief; seeing chiropractors, therapists and acupuncturists. My friend Barrie just received some incredible news! After 25 years of research his Miracle pill C-NAG was given the seal of approval from Health Canada. C-NAG seemed to effectively handle everything from Crohn’s disease to defying how we age and everything in between. I hoped that it could rebuild the damaged tissue causing the pain in my leg diagnosed by my doctor as arthritis.

I read the literature and decided to take the recommended dosage of 6 capsules per day and to my amazement the following morning, while preparing breakfast, I noticed that I had no pain in my legs. “WOW” no more pain! This really did prove to be a miracle cure in my case. Here I am several weeks later, still no pain."

Michael H.
Vancouver BC
September 16, 2013

"I have been having this persistent pain in my right wrist for a few months. Because I am right-handed, there was no way that I could give it time to heal properly. I decided to take C-NAG (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening) and by the next week, the pain was gone."

A. P.
Burnaby BC
September 2013

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Dr. Crisafi's Letter
"I will be sending you a written profile of a patient, M.S., five year old female who was given six months to live: liver enzymes at up to ten times the norm, inflamation of the gall bladder and Crohn's disease. A social worker was sent to support the family and prepare for the child's passing away.
After another three weeks, . . . . bleeding during bowel movements and diarrhoea have disappeared and the social worker has been told by the attending specialists that she will not longer be needed . . . . ."
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Pamela's Story
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Within six months of commencing 6 capsules of NAG daily, I decreased my intake of medication. When I became more pain free after five or six months and reduced my NAG intake to 4 capsules a day . . . ."
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Dr. Coombs' Letter
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Living Testimonial
"By June, there was complete healing. Even the doctors were amazed."
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