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COQ10 Reduces Heart Failure by Half
Vitex products: CoQ10 75 mg

The largest and longest clinical study to date found that taking 100 mg three times daily of CoQ10 for 2 years significantly reduced the chance of an adverse cardiovascular event (e.g. hospitalization, worsening heart failure, or death) by almost 50% compared placebo in people with moderate to severe heart failure and significantly improved measures of quality of life such as activity levels, fatigue and shortness of breath1.

Mortensen, JACC Heart Failure October, 2014 - the Effect of Coenzyme Q10 on Morbidity and Mortality in Chronic Heart Failure. Results from Q-SYMBIO: A Randomized Double Blind Trial.

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"Fed Up" is a "Must See" film warning of the dangers of sugar, particularly "fructose"

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Cancer Lecture Alert!
An eye-opening Great Lecture on Cancer Prevention
This is definitely one of the best talks on causes and prevention of cancer, presented by a physician who is a cancer survivor himself. The talk is easy to understand and interestingly presented. It is in English but with Chinese and English sub-titles.
Please Note: It is an hour long but well worth your time.

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Interview alert!
Another brand new Healthworx Radio interview from August 16th with Barrie Carlsen talking about CoQ10.

Last update May 28, 2015