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Amy Pon Amy with double swords
Martial Artist
Burnaby, BC
Strathcona Choy Lee


For supplements, Amy takes Migraine 4x, Serrapeptase and C-NAG for injury and recovery.

After taking a short self-defense course in 1991, Amy was hooked and wanted to further her studies. Soon after, she settled on martial arts, specifically kung fu.

A Choy Lee Fut practitioner for over 25 years, she is a student of Matthew Wing, Peter Wong and has studied under Grandmaster Wong Ha for 8 years.

Amy has competed in local and international tournaments for many years and collected numerous medals and trophies along the way. She is considered one of the top black belt female traditional forms competitiors in this region.

Amy with 2013 Grand Champion trophy

The Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organisations has awarded Amy Level 5, Coach Degree (black belt) on Dec 3, 2005 after she participated in the Canadian National Wushu Chinese Martial Arts Evaluation. Amy also qualified for a spot on the 2006 National Team Trials and was selected to be a member of the Team Canada to compete in China. She is also a member of Wushu BC, an organization that promotes traditional kung fu.

Amy has been a black belt judge for many years in many of the local and international tournaments and performed in many kung fu demos locally. She still even competes in them to stay sharp.

In May 2015, at the age of 50+ and competing with much younger athletes, she won the 2015 CanAm Grand Champion for Traditional Kung Fu 18+. She also won the Adult Black Belt Forms Western Canadian Martial Arts Grand Champion in 2012 and again in 2013.

Amy with 2015 CanAm Grand Championship Trophy

In June 2016, she won the Adult Black Belt Forms Grand Champion in the Coastal Martial Arts Open in Port Alberni.

Amy with 2013 Grand Champion trophy

Also, in October 2016, she won the Adult Soft Style Black Belt Forms Grand Champion in the Western Canada Martial Arts Championship at BCIT.

In March 2017, Amy won 1st place in 35+ Black Belt Open/Traditional Forms. She is also the 18+ Black Belt Traditional Forms/Weapons Grand Champion at the 2017 Tiger Balm Internationals tournament.

Amy competed in the BC Open Martial Arts Championships in April 2017 and won her division and the Adult Black Belt Traditional Forms Grand Champion trophy.

She currently teaches at the Strathcona Community Centre with Matthew Wing twice a week.

She is featured in an article about Strathcona in the Vancouver Courier, June 2013.

While she is not training, she also enjoys running, swimming, weight lifting (since 1988), biking, hiking, gardening, yoga, pilates and home renos.