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A Living Testimonial

Presented to Barrie Carlsen by Vivien Foo, October 9th, 1993.

Here is a 1992 photographic journal of a living testimonial about a woman who had managed to save her right foot from amputation due to taking "NAG". Click on images for a larger version.

This is a story of a 55 year old Indian woman from Seremban. She has been afflicted with ischaemic heart disease, or coronary artery disease, and diabetic ulcer of the right foot. She had undergone amputation of left foot 3 years ago.


She consulted 3 orthopaedic surgeons and all of them advised amputation, too. What a life.

Her general health was also deteriorating. She spent most of her time in bed. The ulcer was worsened from day to day. She was indeed a pathetic sight.

The ordeal of shuttling in and out of hospital has virtually left her desperate.


The specialist had confirmed her worst fear. The leg just had to go. But she refused. she clung on to whatever hope she had. Even if it is only a flicker of hope, she would rather try.



I knew about her plight through her daughter. In the hospital, a flap graft was done, but to no avail. The heel simply could not accept the graft. She decided to go on the diabetic programme.

She was put on "NAG", Once-A-Day, Zinc, Gamma Oil, Vitamins C and E. She vowed to take them regularly and made adjustments to her eating habits and diet.



Progress was very encouraging. Daily dressings were done and limb exercises carried out. Signs of granulation were visible.

Results speak for themselves. The ulcer showed tremendous improvement. Seeing is believing.

By June, there was complete healing. Even the doctors were amazed. But the magic was in the nutrients flown all the way from Canada.

Today, she is a totally transformed person. Even her general health has improved. The light at the end of the tunnel is now shining very brightly, but thanks to "Quest".

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